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shoudiworkoutGroup fitness classes are a great way to get in shape. At Pulse Group Fitness we offer a friendly atmosphere different from every other club you have been to. From the moment you walk in you will feel like you have known the group for years.

At Pulse Fitness we have instructors that can push you to your limits and help you reach your goals. But at the same time those instructors will offer a low, medium and high impact alternatives to almost every exercise.

We encourage all fitness levels to attend ANY of the classes we offer because, we show BOTH the high impact as well as the lower impact versions allowing you to workout at a level that is comfortable yet challenging to you.

All Pulse Fitness members are also encouraged to sign up for our six month, or twelve month plans on our new MindBody Membership page.


P.H.I.T (Pulse High Intensity Training):  NEW CLASS! 

Reach your bodies PEAK PREFORMANCE with OUR NEW PROGRAM!  Shed fat, build muscle, increase cardiovascular health and endurance with this total training class.  As with all our classes we encourage ALL FITNESS LEVELS. Don’t worry…we’ll modify these easy to follow athletic moves for you!



Let’s put those heavy weights away and focus on slow controlled Pilates style toning moves for your core as well as your legs. Small focused movements to really target those hard to tighten up areas.



GIVE A LITTLE OR GIVE A LOT THE CHOICE IS YOURS!                                                                                                                                                                                       These resistance/weight training stations will allow you to build and sculpt your muscles at YOUR OWN PACE!



This class will be our hodgepodge catch all class. Any muscle groups we missed during the other noon classes we’ll make sure we hit here. THIS CLASS IS ABOUT YOU! So be sure to request your favorite exercise!



Zumba combines traditional Latin dance styles, including salsa, mambo, cha-cha, cumbia and merengue, as well as hip-hop and belly dancing moves, depending on the instructor’s preferences along with hi-low aerobics combinations. By focusing on interval training, classes seek to burn calories without exhausting participants with a constant high-impact pace.



Join the dance-fitness PARTY!  This class consists of easy to follow dance moves set to good old American music.  From pop, to 80’s rock, to country and anything in between.  This class is perfect for anyone who just wants to DANCE!

Butts and Guts:

Tone and sculpt your buns, thighs, and abs using weights, bands, balls, etc. Perfect for any level of fitness.

Double Step:


An advanced cardio “Step” class using 2 steps. This means you maximize your movement and your workout!



Boost your metabolism and athletic performance while burning fat. This class alternates spurts of high impact cardio with strength training. A great workout for all levels of fitness.

Kick & Tone:

This class incorporates boxing and self-defense moves to give you an intense cardiovascular workout while strengthening your entire body. All fitness levels welcome.

Physio Ball:


This class incorporates the exercise ball or “Physio Ball” with low-impact floor aerobics and strength training for a full-body workout. Perfect for all levels of fitness.

Core Symmetry:

We will be targeting your entire core in this class.  Upper and lower abs as well as obliques and lower back.  Core strength is so important.  This class is a MUST for everyone!

Power Sets :

Wake-up those muscles with this intense FULL BODY pyramid style weight training. We’ll be using 3 different size sets of hand weights, and performing 2 exercises for each muscle group. Totaling 10 sets per muscle group! Great for all levels…you choose the weights!

Step & Tone:

A fun cardio workout using an elevated platform (the step). The height of the step can be adjusted for all levels of fitness, from beginners to advanced.  We then finish off the class with toning exercises for arms & abs. This is a great workout for burning calories, increasing cardio endurance, and strengthening leg muscles. All fitness levels welcome.

Total Body:


This strength training class will firm and tone your body from head to toe using a variety of equipment. (Weights, bands, balls, etc.) Perfect for all levels of fitness.


Arms & Abs:

Tone and sculpt your entire upper body along with your abs using weights, bands, balls, etc. Perfect for any level of fitness.


Circuit Training:

Move through timed cardio and strength training stations to burn calories and shed pounds.  Best part about this class is it’s all at your OWN pace.  You can make it as intense as moderate as you want.  A must for all fitness levels!

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