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Pulse Fitness offers a wide variety of classes and personal training options. Take a look at the class descriptions to see if any match your goals or needs, and come join us using the schedule below. Or, if you prefer, contact us to discuss our classes and personal training in more detail.  Most classes are designed to accommodate nearly any fitness level, so come see what makes Pulse Fitness such a fun, effective place to be!

Download the entire MONTHLY SCHEDULE in PDF form here >> DECEMBER 2017 SCHEDULE

Or, view the Pulse WEEKLY calendar and CHECK-IN to class at the MindBody website here!


      Pulse Blog

      • Why PULSE group fitness classes?

        Posted by pulse on February 29, 2016

        Why PULSE group fitness classes? Some of us think “group fitness classes would be fun but coordination is not my strong suit” so we decide not to join in. Instead we may think it would be easier to go to a gym and hop on a machine and do our own thing…but are we really […]


        Posted by pulse on January 5, 2016

        Happy New Year! A new year means another chance to get it right. If you’re not where you want to be physically… we can help! I’ve had several of our participants comment on how their body’s are in the best shape ever when they attend our classes regularly at Pulse Fitness as opposed to other […]

      • PULSE FITNESS NEW IN 2016!

        Posted by pulse on December 31, 2015

          We are so excited to be opening our doors at our new location next week!  We’ve done some major renovating to make this new studio not only bigger and newer, but our #1 goal was to better serve our participants.  With a brand new 1400 sq. ft. floating floor…(NO CONCRETE! NO CARPET!)…changing rooms, and […]

      • Get in on our Pulse Spring Tune-up Pool Party.

        Posted by pulse on March 27, 2015

        Can you believe it?  After what seemed like a very long winter, swim suit season is now just     around the corner! If you’re like the rest of us, there are a few areas you’d like to “tune-up” before you start shedding those winter clothes.  As always, we’re here to help.  So for a little extra incentive […]

      • 2015 NEW YEAR SPECIAL

        Posted by pulse on December 24, 2014

        One of the best ways to ensure continued success with your fitness goals is to have someone to work out with.  A friend can push you to work harder and keep you accountable.  It’s a lot harder to skip a workout if you’ve made a promised to a friend.  Pulse Fitness is here to help.  […]